Homeschool Review Crew Reviews

The purpose of the Homeschool Review Crew is to discover and share products for the home school community. Homeschooling families are given educational products to use in their homeschooling endeavors. Each participating family is asked to write an honest review and share the review on their own blog. There are many reviews being done at any given time by homeschooling families using a specific product. You can find links to all of their reviews at Homeschool Review Crew or by clicking the logo to the right.

Schoolhouse Review CrewThis year, I've had the opportunity to participate in the Homeschool Review Crew. As a result, I have had the option to use products that I might not have tried otherwise. Each review was done after using the product with a student or students for a recommended period of time. Most here were done with my daughter, my current home school student. We have discovered useful curriculum and incorporated many new resources into our home school efforts.

This page is a compilation of links to my reviews. Each image is a link to my review of the product. Feel free to explore. I hope you will find the reviews helpful.

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