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A Review of A Product That Acknowledges Achievement

This post is a review of a standard but high quality product that is available for recognizing a high school graduate from Homeschool Diploma. As we move into the spring, celebrations of accomplishments fill our calendar. For homeschool students and their families creating unique celebrations for completing academic studies based on grade levels is often part of the plan. Those ceremonies are as unique as each family. They may or may not include items typically associated with academic achievement. Acknowledging the completion of high school is worth noting though and in preparation, we ordered and received, a beautiful standard diploma in anticipation of our youngest's high school graduation in 2019. 
Homeschool Diploma offers more products for acknowledging achievement at different grade levels. Review Crew members have posted their reviews for products for Kindergarten and eighth grade as well. You can find links to those reviews at Homeschool Review Crew.

Homeschool Diploma

Celebrations, certificates, ceremonies and awards all potentially acknowledge achievement. As a family we are coming to a place of many transitions for each of our young adult children. Our oldest is graduating from college this June. For this accomplishment he will be participating in his first formal convocation. His completion of high school was as a home school student and our celebration was small and informal. We did little more than a family dinner. He moved on to this academic adventure without much pomp or circumstance. We will be attending with pride and much joy, as he  is acknowledged for his dedication to his course of study and presented with a diploma for a Bachelors degree.

An official certificate recognizes academic accomplishment.
Our second son attended a public high school. He successfully completed his high school requirements there. His attending classes at the local high school was a new experience for our family. Any events surrounding his achievement there were organized by the school and we attended. He participated in the large graduation ceremony with the usual stroll across the stage as his name was announced and he was given a diploma.

As we move toward our youngest completing high school as a homeschool student next year, we have begun to make plans for her next steps in study and life. She, like our oldest has continued as a home school student through high school so the and built in activities and ceremonies are not a part of the planned acknowledgement. 

Before enrolling in a college course of study, we plan to set aside some days of celebration for her as a family. Our celebration will include presenting her with a copy of this official and beautiful diploma. We allowed her a glimpse, of the as yet, unsigned document. It is worth admiring and might provide at least a touch more of motivation for her senior year. The cover of the diploma is embossed with gold lettering. It includes an official seal. We will be honored to present it to her upon completion of her high school studies and to display it during family festivities. She is also planning some activities for herself with some of her closest friends. Displaying an official diploma during that time will add a nice touch as she receives congratulations from all.

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