Thursday, March 1, 2018

Try Driving Through History - A Review of DriveThru History

Need an adventure without leaving home in your homeschooling family? One that will entertain and teach at the same time? Would you like an at home adventure that will actually teach and pique an interest in history? One that will stimulate the curiosity of your students for a subject that can be boring, broad or even overwhelming in the choices of where to start and how to get through it all?
Take an adventure.
I have had the recent good fortune of using an online resource that does all of those things. Drive Thru History Adventures is an engaging and fun history curriculum resource. We have been using the American History section and it has stimulated the curiosity of my teen daughter. It has led to discussions and whet our appetites for more. I so wish I had this available when my boys were also my home school students!

To this day, a wide open prairie is
 my favorite landscape to
view and sink into visually.
I have become more interested in history in general as I have become older. Presenting history to children can be a challenging task. The memorize the event and dates approach rarely leads to any real understanding of the past. It's the stories that makes history interesting. Without any personal reference dates and events have very little meaning. For myself, growing up in Nebraska, the years in American history of westward expansion were the most interesting. My grandmother was a baby on the prairie when her parents homesteading there in the late 1800's. The real life stories she told me brought that time period to life and had significant meaning for our family.

Memories of a trip to New England.
My daughter and I are working our way through American history via the productions of Drive Thru History. These well produced videos capture one's attention and have left us wanting more after each viewing.  As a result, my teen daughter and I have had discussions about historical events. We have reminisced about a trip to New England we took several years ago. She has discovered an interest and curiosity about the American Revolution that has surprised us both.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Dave Stotts has a dream job!

These well produced videos capture ones attention. They have left us wanting more after each viewing, I love Dave Stotts' approach of traveling to related locations, showing and talking us through the historical events of the places he is visiting. In using the Drive Thru History, (viewing the videos, reading the supplemental materials, answering the questions from the worksheets provided and accessing the online community), we have a complete curriculum. A side benefit is that this package shows the power of what can be done by creating an excellent product.

Dave's videos and all that Drive Thru History provides is a wonderful example of how an online business can be used to teach. This online learning tool teaches history and also shows how by using your talents you can create a joyful life and reach others with your message. We will be travelling further and enjoying the miles on the journey with Drive Thru History.

For happy history travel and convenient mobile viewing, all of the adventure is available through the app. 

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