Changing Seasons

Living in a geographical location that has changing seasons causes us to readjust and respond to our environment in different ways throughout the year. Despite the minor annoyances caused by some of the transitions from one season to the next, I, like many, welcome each new season as it unfolds. Each season has it's own beauty, brings something new each year and rekindles joys along with it.


Fall is a favorite season of mine. As an artist, the outdoor light of shortened days and the colors produced by the changing deciduous trees are a perpetual treat to my senses. Anytime I am out with my husband or kids, I find it difficult to refrain from expressing my delight with "ooo" and "ahhh" and "oh look at that!" The sky in northern Illinois can be stunning this time of year, most notably as the sun rises and sets.

Fall is also an excellent time to enjoy some of the season's bounty in the kitchen. Preparing some of the harvest from a garden or local farmer's market offers an opportunity to try something new or enjoy a food that was forgotten over the summer. It is just downright cozy to put something in the oven and fill the house with delicious aromas on a chilly day.

Below are links to some of our favorite fall eats recipes and other autumn related posts on the Run Ran Fam blog.

Eat more squash!
Pumpkin cheesecake. Yum!
Orange food is good food!
Backyard fall harvest.

Christmas & Holiday Season

Our Christmas Season includes The Nutcracker


In northern Illinois, where we live, winter can be a lengthy trial of long dark nights and extended periods of cold days. Fortunately, winter can include lots of fun activities, too. Sledding and skating are two outdoor favorites for my kids. My daughter and I both enjoy art making and crafting. More time indoors during the winter months allows us more time for our creative projects.

Snowflake paper craft.
Backyard ice rink.

A little home grown fun to go with more indoor time in the winter, we anticipate family game nights! We really do this! We turn off the t.v. We prepare some snack type food and play a favorite game. The kids have started doing it on their own with friends as well.


At our house, for many years now, spring has meant baseball. Practice and games for our boys. Coaching for my husband. Watching for me. Despite the yearly longing for respite from a winter of too much time inside, in Northern Illinois the early spring baseball season is rarely a pleasant time to be outside. As a spectator of baseball, I am reminded every year that the anticipated warm and wonderful weather of spring is (at least where we live) a fallacy. Where we live, spring is yucky, mucky, cold and clammy. Sitting or standing at an open field to watch an early spring baseball game usually requires coats, hats and mittens. Fortunately, however, dedicated parent and family fans are at the field regardless of the weather supporting their players.

Not this year.
Young Athletes
Young Athletes
Parents at the baseball field
despite the chilly spring weather.
 Heading to practice.
Heading to practice.
So much to celebrate in May.
Asher at Bat


As the saying goes, "The days are long and the years are short." I would add that the summers are the shortest. We had a busy and productive one with summer school classes for our almost college grad, still more baseball for the high school grad and a summer dance intensive for our aspiring ballerina. A few stay in the region vacation days for a bit of downtime together and suddenly we are caught up in the frenzy of a new school year beginning. And we are still homeschooling one!

Summer Garden Appreciation

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