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Over the last decade, most of my reading has been focused on the needs of my homeschooling children in one way or another. I have spent the bulk of my personal reading time in publications related to homeschooling and reviewing curriculum in attempts to make the best choices for the needs of my children. Reading about curriculum and homeschooling approaches has been informative and in many ways even enlightening. Any additional reading time has been been spent reading to one or more of my children, also an informative and entertaining activity and more importantly, to me, those read aloud times have contributed to creating bonds that will last a lifetime. However, despite my continued interest in homeschooling, approaches and policies related to learning and education, my children are on their own more and more. Their reading time is definitely their own and our homeschooling choices don't require the same level of research for our family anymore. So after years of only scattered reading of novels, I am gradually returning to a bit of self indulged reading for pleasure.

Reading in 2020

This new year is bringing with it new opportunities for myself as an independent learner. While parenting young adults from am empty nest still has requirements of time and attention, especially around holidays and important life decisions and events it is also offering me the opportunity to pursue my own goals in a more focused way once again. One very exciting goal I am setting for myself in even a more joyful state than expected is the reading of books of my choice, based solely on my own interests and pleasure. (Insert jumping up and down emoji.)

I intend to read one fiction and one non-fiction per month with the intention of also posting a few reviews of those reads here. I've gotten a great start on the non-fiction already in the first week of this new year. I haven't spent much time in the fiction area lately, but I did pick up and begin reading a novel last night. I am enjoying the first chapters.

Britfield & the Lost Crown

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We Need to Talk
How to Have Conversations That Matter
by Celete Headlee

My review of Secret Daughter 
is on the blog.

If You Were Me and Lived In... 
begins the titles of many,
in this Carol P. Roman series.
Read my review of a few here on the blog.

God Schooling - A Review

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