About Us

We are:

Angie Runyan and Avo Randruut.
Plus the three wonderful young people who are our children.

Together since our years of learning at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Avo and I met participating in an African drum and dance group sponsored by the Tufts music department. I crossed over from the School of Museum of Fine Arts to finish (finally) my Bachelors degree. Avo was working on a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology. For a look at some of his musical endeavors, visit his website at avodrums.com.

After some years of continuing to create art while working in a variety of settings, most notably in the area of counseling and domestic violence, I was led to pursuing a graduate degree in art therapy. I then had the opportunity and privilege to work as an art therapist in a family counseling agency. Despite the emotional energy that position required, it was truly, in many ways, my dream job.

When we married, I kept my name.
When we began having children, we gave them both:
Runyan-Randruut with a hyphen, hence we all became RunRanFam.

We became and still are a homeschooling family. We have been homeschooling for our entire parenting journey. Our first experience with public schooling with our children, was with our two boys, the oldest attending a local community college and our second son attending high school. We continue to homeschool our daughter who is our youngest.

Besides homeschooling the basic academics, we have been active in many activities with all three. Our main areas of exploration and learning outside of academics have been and continue to be:

  • Attachment parenting
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fitness and sports
  • Music and dance
Early days of baseball in Little League

It is a joy to continue to learn along side our children and participate actively in life with each of them as they grow and develop in their own areas of interest. As we've all heard, so many times, from so many parents "The time goes by so fast!"

We are privileged to be the parents of these amazing young people and continue to be grateful to be a part of their lives and an influence for good in their future.

Here, on runranfam.blogspot.com, we hope to share ideas and connections to resources we think are useful for learning, encouragement for your parenting journey and inspiration to find and focus on the joy of growing together.

Working together has it's rewards. Winning feels pretty good!
Read a little more about
 our homeschooling journey.
Read about
sports and competition.

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