Friday, August 19, 2016

What do teen athletes do for fun?

More sports of course!
Believe it or not, the young athletes I know continue to be physically active during their off time. Like all teens, they do their fair share of video games, texting, social media and just chillin' but it seems, the norm of physical activity they are used to, continues even into the off times when they are not scheduled to practice or compete. Movement is their norm, too much sitting still just doesn't feel right to them.

A few of the recent off season activities that have been engaged in by the non-stop movement people in my life.
  • Hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range.
  • Badminton in the yard.
  • Spikeball at the beach.
  • Rock climbing at the climbing gym.
  • Beach volleyball.
Having a wide range of movement opportunities allows a young athlete to use different sets of muscle groups, try new things and actually have a little down time, The variation in mental attention also gives them a break from the intensity of focus required if they are engaged in a highly competitive sport. All of the above activities have also offered an opportunity to include friends or family members for some fun and casual social interaction. 

We love Spikeball!

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