Thursday, November 1, 2018

Just a Little Bit of Trick Or Treat

Last night, we juggled our usual annual family Halloween birthday dinner for my son with answering the door for costume adorned children chanting "Trick or Treat".

It is always a festive celebration for our family of our second born. It is typically, a similar atmosphere to what we experienced on the actual day of his birth, at home on Halloween two decades ago. Family togetherness interspersed with short sweet visits from happy little ones asking for treats.

Probably, like in most neighborhoods, it is hard to predict the amount of trick or treat traffic that will wander our sidewalks and climb the too big cement steps to our door. This year, we had a picture perfect fall day with the trees still full of color, a few leaves gently drifting to the pavement and lawns. The temperature was just right, not too cold, not too warm. It was beautiful fall weather and the little goblins responded. Trick or treat turn out was high. I wasn't as treat prepared as I should have been. As we celebrated at our family table, we took turns answering the door.

After dinner, I answered for one very large pack of small tricksters, in the midst of their visit, I ran out of candy. With a bowl completely empty in my hand, I got quite the look from one very small fairy princess. From her expression, I gathered that I must have been the dumbest witch she had ever laid eyes on. How could I have dared to answer the door! It probably didn't help my cause but, her glare did make me laugh out loud. I'll try to be better prepared for future Halloween festivities. I certainly hope I am in case the fairy princess rings my door bell as a preteen.
But it was the comment from the sidewalk in regards to the lack of candy, that made my Halloween evening. In a cheerful voice from the little boy in the ninja turtle costume, in a wheel chair, he shouted with a big smile, "That's o.k. Happy Halloween!" He melted my heart!

The lessons just keep comin'!
Happy November!

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