Saturday, November 17, 2018

'Tis the Season

Like sports, and life really, the dance world has it's seasons. For dance students that cycle typically includes performances in the winter and in the spring. The annual winter holiday schedule traditionally involves productions of the Nutcracker. The celebrated Nutcracker Ballet is performed by many studios and companies in Europe and across the U.S.

Our daughter dancer is involved again this year with some changes. New studio, new roles, new rehearsal schedule and a new timeline for our family. This year's participation requires rehearsals up until the weekend immediately before Christmas is celebrated. The timeline shift hasn't deterred our daughter, the six day a week dance demands are just part of her current schedule, even with the up-until-the-day-before Christmas Eve commitment. Our family adapts because we know the joy, being on that stage, brings her. And I have to admit, there is more than a little joy for me, as well, seeing her perform in this ballet.

2018 Nutcracker with the Chicago School of Ballet

The Chicago School of Ballet
presentsThe Nutcracker

From last year's Nutcracker post on November 17, 2017:

It may not seem like it's quite time yet. Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived. Here at our house, honestly, we haven't done much preparation for Thanksgiving yet, at all. The primary reason being, Adah's participation in the Hinsdale Ballet Theater's production of The Nutcracker. Presented the weekend before Thanksgiving, the show kicks off the holiday season for us now. The benefit to the dancers and their families of an early season Nutcracker, is that it affords us all the opportunity to relish the upcoming holidays after the production without the pressure of a performance looming.

Adah in rehearsals. View her Instagram profile. 
A brother observes a rehearsal.

Right now, however, the rehearsals are packed in and the show is about to begin. The three pre-Thanksgiving performances with the young artists begin tomorrow November 18, as they dance their way into the holiday season. Dancers from the Milwaukee Ballet will be dancing with them in these performances giving the young company members an exciting opportunity to learn from the accomplishments of others as they share the stage with professionals.

2017 Adah performed "Spanish" with
Milwaukee Ballet's, Isaac Sharratt
 Hinsdale Dance Academy

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