Thursday, March 17, 2016

Welcoming the Re-emerging Artist and Trying to Capture the Sky

Today the light and the sky above Chicagoland were amazing to behold.
The colors, the air, the wind and the clarity in the scenery above left me almost breathless. All day long in every direction the clouds blew by in voluminous rotating shapes above my life on land where I spent my day in meetings and driving or trying to drive, avoiding at least one fender bender due to the distraction of trying to take in the brilliant blue of the sky and the billowing clouds while accomplishing work and errands necessary for the weeks functioning of our household.

It wasn't until near sunset that I had an opportunity, finally, to stop with camera in hand, to click to my eyes content, though I know, I didn't even begin to capture what I saw and what soaked into my awareness both of our wonderfully beautiful world and of my own artist self returning to the forefront of my life. To view, to see, to look deeper, to behold and to capture, interpret and share a unique view visually - is once again, on my to do list.

It is a surprise mostly to myself, as I honestly thought making art was a lost interest. Gone. I sold my easel. I'd moved on.  Except for creating in more practical forms, I haven't created much art for awhile. Crafts have still entertained some space in my life for the making of useful beauty. Knitting, sewing, a small watercolor painting now again, but mostly, I'd moved on. Consumed by the raising of children, homeschooling them and assisting others in their new family beginnings. I had other priorities - for awhile.

But now, my artist self, who has been left standing in a corner, arms crossed in disgruntled annoyance at being ignored, foot tapping impatiently; is smiling broadly with anticipation of new adventures and explorations. This time - with more joy, more happiness and more love held near. This time - with less concern about the opinions of others, and more concern for the ability to share with them the love of being, seeing and creating. This time - with no concern for the acknowledgement of experts, unless theirs is given in the spirit of pure encouragement and very useful information. This time - to share the amazement of it all, to revel in the ability to respond and create. And to express the joy therein!

Create more, consume less!

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