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Snowflakes - Art, Science, Craft, and Beauty.

January 2017

The seasons they go round and round... 

Snow has covered the ground once again in Chicago-land. 

We are celebrating the days of winter with a unit study of snowflakes from a wide variety of angles. Because there is also, so much anticipation of spring around our house lately, this is somewhat of a scratch the surface, snowflake study. You will see, if you explore any of the resources listed here, a unit study of snowflakes can easily become an in depth science lesson or a major exploration into an art such as photography, a craft like crocheting, or the more unusual craft of paper cutting. Enjoy these inspiring resources and the last lovely (yes, lovely) days of winter. The muddy shoes of spring are just around the corner!


Don't miss the absolutely, amazing snowflake creations by Thomas L. Clark, aka Dr.Snowflake.
A true paper artist, Thomas L. Clark creates snowflake masterpieces. I had the good fortune of discovering his work at an exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo, in Illinois, several years ago. He has published 21 books of his inspiring hand cut snowflakes. He also conducts an annual winter workshop in Michigan teaching his paper cutting techniques. It's on my calendar for next year!
Get a glimpse of his art on YouTube.

DIY. Try your hand at creating paper snowflakes. You can find simple directions for making your own paper snowflakes from Alpha Omega Publishing. Below, Adah is following the instructions in one of Thomas L. Clark's snowflake publications.


From an amazing snowflake photographer - Don Komarechka. This is true scientific observation at work. Don Komarechka's work is fascinating and inspirational for all aspiring photographers and scientists. Don posts his snowflake photo wonders regularly during the winter on his page on google plus. Check out the snowflake poster, on his website.

DIY. For your own micro snowflake observations, keep a piece of black felt in the freezer, when the next snowstorm hits, catch some flakes on it and observe through a magnifying glass, microscope or camera. What is captured under the lens is truly magnificent!

More Art and Craft

We have an amazing aunt who makes us beautiful crocheted snowflakes. This year, she also sent us detailed how-to crocheting instructions. As with many enticing projects, it is on our - learn to do list - to make these, unfortunately, we admittedly, haven't gotten to it yet! DIY. Still to do!


There are actually quite a few good children's read aloud options that explore snowflakes and individuals who have been captivated by them. We read this one together when my children were younger.

It is a delightful read!
"Of all the forms of water the tiny six-pointed crystals of ice called snow are incomparably the most beautiful and varied." -- Wilson Bentley (1865-1931)

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow
Creation Illustrated has a wonderful
Unit Study about snow.

And here's one by Snowflake Bentley's brother.

The dark, cold days of winter can seem to drag on at times, but any new exploration and acquisition of knowledge (even if it's while snuggled on the couch, especially with hot chocolate!), can revive everyone's spirits. Enjoy the snowflakes, while looking forward to spring. The crocus will be peeking through the snow soon!

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