Friday, December 18, 2015

Making Christmas Cookies with Friends

The holiday season reminds us to create, give and enjoy one another's company.

The Christmas season is so inspiring in so many ways. It is a great time to get together for simple, fun and often otherwise neglected joyful activities. Many of our holiday activities are unique to the season, singing carols, listening to specific music or watching special movies, others can and do actually happen at other times of the year, as well. Like baking for example, baking cookies can happen anytime, but Christmas brings out the over zealous baker in many of us. The best laid plans....

The holiday season can get so busy that it is easy to forget to allow time for the kids to plan and enjoy some celebration gatherings of their own design. My teen-aged daughter, like most young people, loves this time of year. Also, like many young people, she often has ideas that stretch beyond her family's resources. This one was easy though and I encouraged, then stayed out of the way. The resulting outcome was lovely.

Sometimes it's the process more than the product.

Inspired by the season and some online browsing, Adah wanted to organize a cookie baking party. She planned and shopped. She invited friends and gathered together all the parts needed to provide a festive time for herself and her guests. They baked and decorated, talked and laughed. Joy in creating together equals success and in this case a messy kitchen.

More successful events to come. This one's for the holidays!

When it comes to kitchen activities,
there is always a brother lurking nearby
looking for handouts.

                                           Just good friends, fun and lots of sugar!

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