Tuesday, June 4

Life With Dog - A Movie Review

The opportunity to review the new movie Life With Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment for the Review Crew turned out to be an opportunity to add to an unplanned date night with my husband to our weekend. My youngest is now 17 and social plans with peers are a priority. She left us on our own Saturday night so...

I had no idea what to expect from Life With Dog.  It is a captivating story of one of life's hardest transitions, that of losing a spouse or a parent. The acting is well done and believable. Actor, Corbin Bersen (anyone else remember L.A.Law?) portrays, the main character Joe Bigler. His character presents the difficulties of the transition to being a widower as he grieves the unexpected loss of his wife. The film allows us into some of the inner emotions of Joe's process of grief. His explanations for what has happened and his journey of coming to terms with his loss is the theme of the story.

Joe, consumed by his grief is the primary focus but, there are characters orbiting around him through out. While attempting to assist Joe through the adjustment to life without his wife, Joe's daughter is struggling herself. Joe benefits from a few unusual visitors throughout the story. One of those visitors, Dog, is a constantly returning image in the film. My husband first guessed that Dog's presence would lead to some clues to resolving the mystery in the movie.

While this story deals with life's ever present difficulties of loss it is not presented in an overly heavy way. Resolution and life's continued joys are included as well. There are a couple of intense scenes that include the character Joe handling a weapon but are still acceptable viewing for most audiences. Worth the watch, the story is most likely to resonate with those who are closest to the stage of life depicted. Enjoy an at home movie night by grabbing the dvd from one of the retailers linked below.

The newly released video is available at Walmart beginning June 4th.
It is also available to purchase online at amazon:  http://bit.ly/LifeWithDogDVD

You can see a trailer on the Mill Creek Entertainment website by clicking the images here:
'Life With Dog' See the trailer.

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