Thursday, January 17, 2019

Finding Connections with Technology - Still a Beginner

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In my daughter's dance bag,
bobby pins, pointe shoes
and cell phone.
As a blogger, there are so many things to learn about posting, sharing and connecting. The rapid changes to our lives because of technology in the last couple of decades has been astounding. One of the blessings of having growing children in our household during this time is that we have been forced to evaluate our interaction with online resources and technological devices (as much as we can) along the way. When we first acquired a computer and internet access for our home, I considered writing a blog about our parenting and homeschooling adventures. At that point, it was the lack of uninterrupted time to write that slowed me down. Not managing to write a complete sentence really got in the way of following through with the blog idea. Now that I have the time and opportunity to have a complete thought without immediate concerns for the needs of young children, I am loving the process of it all. The writing, the posting, the sharing and finding other's who are doing the same is a challenge and a joy. There are times now, that it is my lack of technological savvy that most gets in my way.

Which leads me to gratitude for another blessing of having and young ones, teens and young adults around as these tools have become a part of our lives, that of  having young quick minds to learn and to help me with integrating all of the new tools we have at our fingertips.

Please, follow along or join in the discussion as I continue to learn the continually new tools of the trade.

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