Monday, August 20, 2018

Motivation Monday

Today the local schools are beginning classes. As a home school mom, I have always enjoyed this time of year. Other homeschooling moms know what I mean; everyone else heads inside to the classroom, the parks are vacated, a visit to the zoo doesn't require navigating through crowds or standing in long lines, having a annual membership to a zoo, museum or arboretum finally feels like an exceptional value in the fall. The world seems a bit quieter, it's easier for us to focus on our own goals. For us, especially when our children were young, fall has meant less structured activity outside of our family.

My motivation on Mondays has consistently been to re-focus on my time with my children. Autumn Mondays have offered me an evident occasion of gratitude for the opportunity to do that.

It has been homeschooling that has shown me that, it is o.k. to start the week slowly, to enjoy waking up, have breakfast together, maybe to start with a story, review a plan or just begin to make one. Being together is enough motivation for my Monday, however ambitious or no so ambitious, my plan is. Having my favorite people near by, while doing the ordinary tasks and routines has been my delight and my motivation. It is taking the little steps day in and day out that leads to something bigger being accomplished. It is spending that time together that develops trust and strong bonds.

"Sometimes the most ordinary things can be extraordinary  simply by doing them with the right people." - Elizabeth Greene

When my children were young we rarely hit the ground running on Monday mornings. The chance to take it slow on Mondays changes over the years, as children become young adults, begin college or a follow a higher level of training in a chosen pursuit.

This school year begins the last of our not-back-to school years. That is a huge mile stone for us. A change that brings mixed feelings for me. The days of taking it slowly on Mondays are gone for now. My three children are all pursuing goals that require work, study or training on Mondays, every Monday. Those slow relaxed days didn't stop them from becoming disciplined people. It did give them a foundation of love, connection and support to launch into the pursuit of  their dreams. With one son off this very Monday morning to take an important professional exam, the next off to begin another year of college classes, life is different now.

It has been on Monday mornings that I have been most able to appreciate the opportunity that we have had to home school. Despite the difference in routine from those elementary years, I intend to keep Mondays filled with motivation to connect with those I love, to show them how much they are valued and to be thankful for the opportunities we have had together and for the blessings to come.

I hope your Monday is wonderful, as well!

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