Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Beautiful Surprises in a Small Suburban Yard

Have a seat. Enjoy the garden.

I have know Pam and Jeff for years now. We are neighborhood friends and honestly, don't see each other much these days. Our two sons and their two sons spent many hours playing together as boys, running back and forth from one house and yard to another. They played some Little League together and on occasion they still hang out together in between college classes and work.

While taking photos in the yard, I actually came
across this little remnant from
the boy's play from more than a few years ago.

As I've mentioned before, teen jobs at our house have included pet care for a few neighbors and recently my son pet sat for their cute little pug. Over the same weekend a nasty summer cold ran through our household and my son was unable to visit said poor lonely pug everyday as planned, so some of the the pug care fell to me. The pug herself is a delightful little companion and when I visited, I sat with her in their yard and enjoyed her company.

Enjoy the canine company.
Or relax over here.

I also enjoyed the amazing suburban oasis that Pam and Jeff have created in their small suburban yard. The suburb we live in is made up of small modest homes with predominately small yards. Not really the classic image of expansive lawns one thinks of when thinking of suburbia. Our suburb is much more like a city neighborhood. Filled with Little Cape Cod style houses, Chicago bungalows and multifamily dwellings the yards are small. My husband mowed for years with a human powered push mower, no gas or electric power needed until moving to a home with an extra side yard. Most of these little yards have the typical grass lawn in the front and back.

Kitchen herbs near the door.

However, Pam and Jeff have explored and pushed the limits on what a small yard can be. They have been landscaping with a diverse range of beautiful plants for years within the boundaries of a small lot and around the activities of their boys. But now the trampoline is gone (it's in our yard for my daughter now) young adult life dominates and their wonderful yard plan is coming into fruition. Around every little corner of their property is a flora and fauna surprise. Beautiful apple trees adorn one side of their house.

Producing fruit in a small space.
Apple trees pruned and trained to
grow along the wall of the house.
Creativity expresses itself in as many ways as there are artists. Planting and maintaining a garden is an ongoing creative process. It requires continual observation and the response of the gardener may be based in horticulture but the result can also be an amazing artistic expression.The mixed media of plant life provides a palette of garden delights complete with an occasional offering of a tasty treat.

I responded to the suburban haven with my camera and attempted some artistic photo captures of the lovely combinations of color and texture. While my little pug friend sniffed about, I enjoyed the beauty and abundance of summer skillfully arranged even in this small yard.

A happy home for gold fish is included.
Beautiful color against a brick backdrop.
Beautiful ornamental plantings.
Beauty, abundance and edible harvest, it is all possible, even in a small space.

Resources for doing the same in your own small space at amazon:

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