Sunday, January 29, 2017


Create something of value for someone everyday and you will always be wealthy!

An idea I try to convey to my kids in word and deed.

The thing, I think, is to keep creating - create something, produce something, instead of, or at least in addition to  - consuming, It may not always be something as tangible as a piece of art or a product to sell. It may be something quite intangible - the beginning of a friendship or a plan for a beautiful event.

Create something for someone else to have, or hold, or view, or respond to. It could be a painting or a poem. It could be something more immediately useful. It may be only a seemingly mundane thing; like a clean load of laundry, or a just mopped shiny kitchen floor, or a joke. No matter where you are, where you live, you can create something useful, something of value or lasting beauty. Something that will please someone, or make them think, or not think so much.

What ever it is..

Create something today to encourage a smile on the face of another.
Create something that will feed the body, soul or mind of someone you love.

Create something, then create and eat your lunch!

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