Monday, July 27, 2015

Set You Own Goals

She was determined.
My daughter's USA Gymnastics (USAG) 2014-2015 season is over. It was a good one. She succeeded in accomplishing the goals she set for herself. One of the many keys to her success this season, was that she set those goals for herself. Determined to secure her place at a national meet, she went to every practice with her goal in mind and continued the hard work on specific skills and the overall conditioning required.

In gymnastics anything can happen. Athletes spend hours in the gym perfecting skills only to be burdened by an injury at the time of an important competition. It is an extremely demanding sport that takes perseverance in the best of circumstances.

After bowing out of travel to Florida for a regular session meet, I assured Adah that if she qualified, we would do whatever we could to get her to the Eastern National meet in Florida.

Adah competed in 5 meets in the regular season and at the State Championships. There she qualified for the USAG Region 5 Championships. She finished at the regional competition with her mission accomplished; qualifying for Eastern Nationals.

Love those post competition smiles!
Adah's participation in the Eastern National meet provided her with the reward of accomplishment and both of us with the exciting opportunity for a mother daughter trip to Kissimmee, Florida. We had a great time exploring a bit of Florida together. And I achieved one of the goals I set for myself this season, quality bonding time with my growing daughter!

She took me up on my promise and turned it into a trip to the beach!
Watch her routines here.

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